From Now On

There’ll be a change in me. There is always a tune to express not so deep feelings about trivial issues. There has been a break in summer weather and today has the smell of fall, but on closer examination, I find that the hill is in a state of near drought. The ligularia on the third terrace has put forth a crop of flowers that, were they actually to bloom, would simply cover the tall plants. As it is they halfheartedly droop, buds on top open just enough to drop dispirited yellow petals. Some predator has eaten the buds off a very nice stonecrop, the false indigo has fallen over, the soil under the plants looks to restore itself to dry forest litter, and gaps in the picture hint at the changing season. In the meantime the vegetables which kept gamely alive during both the heat and the heavy rains of midsummer are finally producing squash and cucumber, ripe berry tomatoes (there will be no rot,) followed by the growing broccoli and brussels sprouts and kale.

What a difference a day makes, twenty-four little hours, with the sun and the flowers………., I forget the rest, but you can see what I’m getting at. These thoughts common experience will certainly confirm. They are the same experiences that poets refer to on their more elevated plane, and they can take us back, and back to our  common roots with all the people of this planet. They are the elemental experiences so difficult to think about at the times they take place. Up on the hill they need water  first and we need to postpone the thinking for  the precious hours of time, however short, when once we have saturated the dirt with the hose, we can try to run over the most interesting or difficult events of the day.

Even so, our evening thoughts are likely to deal with only the most pressing problems of the day, planting our plants, or falling in love, kissing the baby goodnight, holding the newborn kittens, bailing out the foundering boat, pulling the wounded comrade off the field. That’s why a lot of people pray; they are so busy just making an effort to live. Living means staying alive, and it takes a lot of work to keep ourselves upright. We keep an eye out for signs of trouble, invent new ways of solving the problems.

What a difference a day makes, twenty-four little hours………..The sun is so much lower, we begin to ask for the fall rains. Didn’t they always yearn for the fall floods, or the spring ones? for whatever brought the water to the crops they had learned to plant instead of forage?  Didn’t they always expect the elk and the  buffalo to gather on the plains for the fall hunt, and didn’t we buy our chickens for the freezer? I tell you all the same things. Especially I want to tell you about how,  There’ll be a change in the weather and a change in the sea, and from now on there’ll be a change in me. My walk will be different, my talk and my name. Nothing about me’s gonna be the same.

Seriously. The garden will be watered, the vegetables picked; pear butter is going to cook 24 hours in the slow cooker; David is going to get well; the chickens will start laying, windows washed. We’ll be very snug in a couple of months. The tomatoes are all ready to go on the shelves; Alexa, Sarah and Jessica will have begun their married, lifetime, lives and careers. Jack and Cody start college. I’ll put on my blue nail polish and cut a rug. It is all so human.




About dorothybloom

Well, I'm a bit on the elderly side , but I'm fighting the decline with my entry into the virtual world. I've been thinking for while that my situation is worth talking a, and for this reason. There is a tension between old and new. The old are intent upon keeping their authority and the young are intent on getting it for themselves. hereThis tension is as old as the Neanderthal and many of his four-legged cousins. And I want to explore that.
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2 Responses to From Now On

  1. ofra says:

    Upon reading your title I expected the post to be about the idea of raising chicken under danger of yet more attacks. Is it the mixed status of chicken in your blog, as opposed to that of the pet animals – they are food in the freezer, egg layers, garden helpers, and at the same time you consider them as pretty living creaturs to be watched and pondered upon – is this mixture responsible for not raising the question?

    • dorothybloom says:

      Hi Ofra,

      I think I probably should have included the lines from that old popular song. “There’ll be change in the weather, And a change in the sea And from now on there’ll be a change in me. My walk will be diffeent , my talk and my name; Nothing aout me will be the same. I’km going to change my way of living and if that ain’t enough, I’m going to change the way I srut my stuff. Nobody loves you when you’re old and gray There’ll be some changes made today. There’ll be some changes made.”

      I’m going to check it out on U Tube and see if they have a recording.Love Dorothy

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