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Merry Holiday

The umbrella term is intended to cover  the two holidays and all their sub-units. Obviously the Merry belongs to Christmas and the holiday points up the sacred nature of Hanukkah. But let me start out by saying it is five … Continue reading

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The fire burned gently, the quiet swelled in the house, a little like a symphony; I napped behind a flopping copy of the TLS. Fiona sat at the dining room table in a shirt top made of glittering  black plastic … Continue reading

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Just only asking the question

The other day I spoke about the sudden appearance, or perhaps I should say nonappearance, of the invisible line that separates the various  stages of life. Shakespeare said seven stages for men and didn’t mention women at all, but I … Continue reading

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I just came face to face with a presence I usually fail to acknowledge.  It had to do partly with looking up the snow covered hill this morning. The trees have all lost their leaves now, the fragile maple leaves, … Continue reading

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