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The Punctuation Cane


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A glimpse of the past

When Rita sold her big house last fall and moved into an apartment she had a lot of work to do shrinking not just a house full of furniture but everything else she and her husband had packed into the … Continue reading

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Will I Ever Lear ing

Several dispiriting hours have passed since I first thought to blog today, and any thoughts I may have had concerning the content are long gone by now. I planned to post a video sent to me yesterday showing shot after … Continue reading

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A New Season

There is a sight snow cover today, the light is staying with us a little longer and 2012 is now making its solid (and solemn?) way across the calendar. Nancy was born on February 18, and to me the┬áthird week … Continue reading

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A New View

It’s been a dithering kind of day, thorough cloud cover for blocking out ┬álive rays, no precipitation, no wind, and I seem to be fitting right in to the general paradigm. If Harry were only here we could be sharing … Continue reading

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cheerful by choice

There’s nothing like a big smile to get you safely across the street.

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Brandenburg Concertos 4, 5, 6 on NPR. I’m sitting on a high stool, the Oneonta Star lying open to the Obituaries on the counter in front of me, and I am transported to Married Students Housing, Berkeley, 1950. I’m listening … Continue reading

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